Utilities and Power projects

Hinkle Construction Services personnel have performed over $20 million of work in the Utilities and Power category, including the construction of an ash pond dam at the Ghent, Kentucky facility for Kentucky Utilities (KU). The project entailed approximately 2 million CY of mass excavation and embankment.

HCS management and field team members are also extremely proud of their work on the Hoosier Energy Project—and rightly so. A few details regarding the project:

  • Over $15 Million dollars of work spanning two years.
  • Constructed new coal ash disposal cell, approximately 30 acres.
  • Work entailed over 600,000 CY of mass excavation, installation of flexible membrane liner, leachate collection and installation of 1’ of protective cover (approximately 50,000 CY).

For more information about Hinkle Construction Services’ utility and power services, contact: Chad Conley,  859-340-1623 or chad.conley@hinkle-cs.com.

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Utilities and PowerUtilities and Power
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