$58 Million in Solid Waste

The Hinkle Construction Services management and field team has worked on solid waste projects valued at over $58 Million…and counting. This work includes over 500 acres of cell development and capping work over the past 20 years. The following list includes but is not limited to HCS waste projects:

8.5 acre cap at Valley View Landfill in Sulphur, Kentucky

  • Re-grading of existing soils cover
  • Placement of soil foundation layer
  • Installation of geosynthetics materials (GCL, flexible membrane liner, geocomposite)
  • Installation of approximately 45,000 CY of vegetative soil cover
  • Installation of drainage controls (Diversion berms, ditches, culverts, headwalls and Flexamat down-drain)
  • Gas system relocations
  • Leachate collection system upgrades

4.5 acre cell for Tri K Landfill in Stanford, Kentucky (included building over a previously closed section of the landfill)

  • Excavation and grading
  • Installation of gas venting layer
  • Embankment
  • Installation of clay liner
  • Installation of geosynthetics materials (GCL, flexible membrane liner)
  • Leachate collection system

Blackfoot Landfill – Slide repair (adjacent to entrance road). Work entailed removal of saturated materials, installation of de-watering controls, installation of dam and placing embankment on engineered slope specification.

For more information about Hinkle Construction Services’ solid waste services, contact: Chad Conley,  859-340-1623 or chad.conley@hinkle-cs.com.

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