Hinkle Construction Services (HCS) is committed to becoming a world class company in construction safety and to achieve a zero incident safety culture through: management, leadership, and continuous improvement of safety processes performance.


that is made by our employees and management team, whether they are in the office or in the field.

A WAY OF LIFE that all employees and managers promote.

AN INTEGRAL PART of our daily work and our company’s culture.

HCS promotes its 100% dedication to safety through:

  • TRAINING. All employees are required to obtain and maintain First Aid training (3 year certification) and CPR training (2 year certification) through the NSC. Specific training, including OSHA 10, OSHA 40, and HAZWOPR training, is provided
  • DAILY SAFETY BRIEFINGS. Daily safety briefings are held each morning with all employees. Aspects of Daily Safety Briefings include:
  1. If/when a task differs from the scheduled work, a “safe plan of action” (SPA) is provided to review the specific hazards and plan for that particular task. There could be multiple SPA’s throughout the course of a work day.
  2. The management team reviews any and all accidents and/or “near misses” that occur.
  3. Reports are filed by the individual foremen on all accidents, equipment damage or near misses; these are reviewed by the management team and acted upon accordingly.
  4. All meetings begin with a precaution contact to be discussed prior to discussing the business at hand. This contact is designed to keep the team as aware as possible and could be as simple as noting the exits in the building in case of emergency or the need to be aware of the time change leading to lack of sleep until the body adjusts.
  • DAILY INSPECTIONS. All equipment is inspected daily. The operator will will perform a walk around inspection prior to starting the machine and at the end of the work period.

Hinkle Construction Services is committed to making each employee, project, and job site as safe as possible on a daily basis. At HCS, safety isn’t just a word or even a program. It’s what we do. Our safety motto is: every employee, every day, every job.

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