Hinkle Construction Services, LLC: A continuing tradition

When Henry, Tom and Will Hinkle joined forces to create Hinkle Construction Services, LLC (HCS) in 2015, they were continuing a tradition of excellence and quality that stretches back to the 1940’s, when Buckner Hinkle (Henry and Tom’s father and Will’s grandfather) created the first Hinkle-run company.

With Hinkle Construction Services, we are bringing the Hinkle family tradition back to its roots in grading and construction services. And as we continue the work that my father began in the 1940’s, we are also determined to continue our family’s tradition of meeting our customers’ needs and creating repeat customers.” –Henry Hinkle, Chairman of Hinkle Construction Services

The services provided by Hinkle Construction Services, LLC include but are not limited to building roads any kind of civil earthwork construction, including capping landfills and building dams. “Just as importantly as building dams and constructing or building landfills, we build relationships. We are dedicated to taking care of our customers and meeting their needs by doing the job right—on time, and within budget.”–Tom Hinkle, President of Hinkle Construction Services

“Our goal is to ensure that our clients can reach out and talk to any member of our team, including our president, with a phone call or an email, and get the answers they need.” –Vice President Will Hinkle

To view a history of the formation of Hinkle Construction Services, LLC, written by the company’s president, Thomas S. Hinkle, click here.
Hinkle Construction Services, LLC was formed in early 2015 and is owned by my family. Previously, my family owned Hinkle Contracting Corporation (HCC)—a Kentucky based company which was formed in 1942, focusing on asphalt paving, limestone quarries, and heavy highway and civil construction.

In early 2010, we sold HCC to Summit Materials (a national company), and as part of a five year management and employment agreement that expired in 2015, my brother, Henry, and I continued to manage HCC for the new owners.

In late 2014, HCC decided to exit the heavy highway and civil construction portion of their business, including the landfill construction aspect. When it was decided that HCC would exit that type of work, my brother and I created Hinkle Construction Services, LLC. The management team of Hinkle Construction Services, LLC consists entirely of individuals who were formerly employees HCC. The same is true regarding our foremen, equipment operators, and laborers.

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From 1945 through the early 1960’s, Hinkle Contracting acquired multiple bituminous hot-mix plants and limestone quarries (current holdings include 15 hot-mix plants and six limestone quarries), and projects included bridges, culverts, highway resurfacing projects, the construction of the Bert Combs Mountain Parkway, Bluegrass Parkway, and the Western Kentucky Parkway.

By the 1970’s, Hinkle Contracting had become a joint owner of Bourbon Limestone company. Other joint ventures included pavement projects in Guatemala and El Salvador. Other notable projects include Hinkle’s partnership with Walker Construction to crush approximately four million tons of stone for the Toyota Motor Manufacturing facility in Georgetown.

Major Hinkle Contracting projects since 1982 included re-construction of a section of Interstate I-71 between Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio; asphalt overlay for six (6) miles of the Mountain Parkway in Powell County, Kentucky; pavement of the newly-expanded Somerset-Pulaski County Airport in Kentucky; and asphalt overlay for forty-two (42) miles of Mountain Parkway in Wolfe, Morgan and Magoffin Counties of Kentucky.

Other projects:
• Pavement of a 40 mile section of Kentucky Highway 80 between Hazard and Prestonsburg, Kentucky (in a joint effort with East Kentucky Paving Company)
• Paving operations in the Scott County, Kentucky area (as part of a partnership known as Hamilton, Hinkle and Ruth)
• Improved Paris Pike from 2 to 4 lanes between Lexington and Paris, Kentucky
• Rebuilt I-62 from Cynthiana to Georgetown, Kentucky and improved I-27 to six lanes in Somerset, Kentucky
• Rebuilt nine (9) miles of U.S. 27 in McCreary County from Parkers Lake to Whitley City, Kentucky
• Widened U.S. 127 to 5 lanes in Casey County from KY 70 to the north city limits of Liberty, Kentucky
• Performed major widening projects in Casey County on U.S. 127 at Antioch Hill, Walnut Hill and Dunnville
• Performed role of Construction Manager to rebuild KY 70 in Casey County from the courthouse to the Liberty City, Kentucky limits
• Performed stone and paving operations on the new Somerset, Kentucky By-Pass (KY 914) from KY 80 to U.S. 27
• Widened U.S. 27 in Pulaski County from the KY 80 Intersection to Burnside
• Reconstructed twelve (12) miles of I-64 in Rowan County (one of these projects won a national “Quality in Construction” award for smoothness and pavement properties)
• Rebuilt and widened eight (8) miles of the Paris – Lexington Road in Bourbon County, Kentucky
• Performed a high-profile project at the Intersection of U.S. 27 & KY 80 in Pulaski County (functioned as a direct comparison between asphalt and concrete which would be monitored for future projects)
• Performed base stone and asphalt on the newly constructed Kentucky Speedway at Sparta (with Ohio Valley Asphalt, LLC)
• Major paving project at the new U.S. Prison in McCreary County
• Rebuilt U.S. 62 between Cynthiana and Georgetown, Kentucky
• Constructed a liquid asphalt rail terminal at Avon, near Lexington, Kentucky
• Paved the newly-expanded Somerset-Pulaski County Airport in Kentucky
• Stone and asphalt paving at the new Somersplash Water Park in Somerset, Kentucky.
• Stone and asphalt paving at the SKED Multimodal Rail Park in Somerset, Kentucky
• Widened thirteen (13) miles of U.S. 27 North of Somerset, Kentucky
• Stone and paving on Super Wal-Mart stores in Paris, Cynthiana and Morehead, Kentucky
• Stone and paving on the new Morehead Airport, Kentucky.
• Stone and paving on four (4) miles of new construction of KY 15 in Breathitt County, Kentucky
• Construction of five (5) miles of the southwest By-Pass in Somerset, Kentucky
• Construction of three (3) miles of the northern By-Pass of I-66 in Somerset, Kentucky
• Construction of the relocation of KY 1247 in Somerset, Kentucky
• Constructed Hinkle’s second liquid asphalt rail terminal at Somerset, Kentucky
• Awarded and begins a design/build project from the Kentucky Department of Transportation on the Mountain Parkway in Wolfe County, Kentucky

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In 1982, Buckner Hinkle’s son, Henry Hinkle, assumed the responsibility of President of Hinkle Contracting Corporation, and in 2010, he became President of Hinkle Contracting Company, LLC. In 2010, when the Hinkle family sold Hinkle Contracting, LLC to Summit Materials, Buckner Hinkle’s sons Thomas and Henry Hinkle continued to manage Hinkle Contracting for the new owners as part of a five year agreement. In 2013, after service as Vice President of Hinkle Contracting Corporation for three years, Tom assumed the role of Hinkle Contracting’s CEO/President. In 2011, Buckner Hinkle’s grandson Will joined the Hinkle team as an estimator and project manager; in 2012, he became Vice President of Hinkle Environmental Services. In late 2014 Hinkle Contracting decided to exit the heavy highway and civil construction (including the significant landfill construction portion of the company) portion of their business.

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