Hinkle Construction Services, LLC: A continuing tradition

When Henry, Tom and Will Hinkle joined forces to create Hinkle Construction Services, LLC (HCS) in 2015, they were continuing a tradition of excellence and quality that stretches back to the 1940’s, when Buckner Hinkle (Henry and Tom’s father and Will’s grandfather) created the first Hinkle-run company.

With Hinkle Construction Services, we are bringing the Hinkle family tradition back to its roots in grading and construction services. And as we continue the work that my father began in the 1940’s, we are also determined to continue our family’s tradition of meeting our customers’ needs and creating repeat customers.” –Henry Hinkle, Chairman of Hinkle Construction Services

The services provided by Hinkle Construction Services, LLC include but are not limited to building roads any kind of civil earthwork construction, including capping landfills and building dams. “Just as importantly as building dams and constructing or building landfills, we build relationships. We are dedicated to taking care of our customers and meeting their needs by doing the job right—on time, and within budget.”–Tom Hinkle, President of Hinkle Construction Services

“Our goal is to ensure that our clients can reach out and talk to any member of our team, including our president, with a phone call or an email, and get the answers they need.” –Vice President Will Hinkle

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